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The job searching process is rarely straightforward.
Whether you’re updating your CV, searching for your dream role or preparing for a big interview, the difference between success and failure often comes down to insider knowledge.
Here, we share that knowledge with you through a series of straightforward career guides.

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It's hard to keep up with industry trends and changes to the wider market which is why we are producing a range of whitepapers covering interesting sales topics.



The changing face of Media Sales and how Salespeople can adapt


Confidence, passion, self-belief, gift of the gab; employers have always focused on character traits over knowledge or qualifications. But media sales is changing. And those changes are having a profound impact on what the modern media salesperson needs to be successful in their career.

The challenges faced in a multi-generational workforce


A multi-generational workplace is inevitably a complicated one. People of different ages typically have different perspectives on the world. They disagree on the most fundamental issues. They dress differently, eat differently and travel differently. And more pertinently, they work differently.

Overworked, overwhelmed, over-connected: Making life easier for today's employees


During the recession, businesses had to do more with less. For employees, the consequences were very predictable: more work, more responsibilities and more hours. As we’ve pulled away from recession, many of those responsibilities have remained. Being stressed has become the norm, and being busy has become a badge of honour.


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